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What exactly is Kersey Valley Paranormal?

The Kersey Valley company started in 1985 when a group of teenagers was camping out behind the old farmhouse in a barn.  Just after midnight on a summer night in 1985, the first unexplained occurrence happened.  A chandelier fell and stopped just short of smashing into the faces of the boys in sleeping bags underneath it.  This scary incident prompted a dare to enter the farmhouse to restore the power to the barn.  A family of bats scared the boys and that sparked the idea to start a haunted house.  Almost 4 decades later Kersey Valley Spookywoods is nationally known as one of the top haunted attractions in the country.  Over the many years the staff, guests, and paranormal investigators believe we have a hot spot on this property.  We are not alone, we’ve never been alone.
Kersey Valley Paranormal is the newest attraction to offer something new and very real to our decades of fans looking for adventure.  There are several ticket types to come experience and investigate with your own group of investigators.
The 1.5-hour Experience ticket type is a smaller investigation of the Fiddler House designed for beginners or people who want to see how paranormal investigations are conducted. It introduces the equipment and methods we use during our investigations.
The 4 and 8-hour Investigation packages include a tour of the property, the history, and access to the Manor House. This is more for the experienced investigators and teams, or someone wanting to spend a longer amount of time investigating.
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