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Searching for your next adventure? Kersey Valley is needing your help; therefore, we are opening our doors after hours to the public for paranormal investigations. Almost 4 decades of strange occurrences from thousands of people that have worked, visited, and investigated here all believe it. Over the past 15 years, private investigators have been exploring the grounds where many unexplained events have been occurring in hopes of finding some type of explanation. This is your chance to investigate this well-known location that spawned the idea to create Kersey Valley Spooky Woods Haunted Attraction back in 1985. During your adventure, you will have after-dark access to investigate the upstairs of the original farmhouse, normally closed off to the public.  Believers and skeptics will have the opportunity to possibly communicate with the residents that are believed to still roam the property here at Kersey Valley.

During the 1.5-hour experience, you will learn about the paranormal history here at Kersey Valley, hear about past investigations, and work with various paranormal investigative equipment to hopefully capture some form of evidence that supports these claims.

For those with paranormal investigation experience, we invite you to reserve a 4-hour private investigation. During this adventure, you will have time to privately explore and investigate the farmhouse, as well as one other structure, the manor, which is rumored to have many unexplainable occurrences.  If 4 hours searching for the paranormal isn’t enough time and you would like to spend the night roaming the property, book one of our 8-hour private investigations. Here your investigator will provide a tour of the grounds before letting you loose to investigate the farmhouse, manor, and backside of the property where ghosts and spirits of Native Americans are thought to roam through the woods.

*Please note that we are in no control of ghosts and spirits; therefore, you are not guaranteed to experience paranormal activity during your adventure.


The Winston Salem Paranormal Society started investigating the house and property at Kersey Valley in January 2008. The chapter in this book, written by Amy Lynn Greer and Michael F. Renegar tells the original ghost story that got us started.

The research for this chapter is very accurate and was verified by the great-grandson of Fredrick E Spainhour. Mr. Spainhour and his wife Callie did build the house on a massive tobacco farm the family-owned, in around 1925-1927 and it shows up as Providence Rd on the 1930 Census.
The book is available online and is a great start to your own personal research……. of this very haunted property.